Mara Terenzi

Terenzi Communications was born from the desire to make Mara Terenzi’s passion for communication, a real business. Since she was a child, she has always loved journalism and adored international fashion magazines, “Through photography and the reports I would flip through, I would see worlds and build dreams. I understood that they were all communication tools, sounding boards of an era that, by the way, marked history. I definitely wanted to be part of it.” After a long training on different fronts her desire became a reality and the doors of Terenzi Communication opened.

What aspects distinguish your agency?
“Our strength lies in our ability to create true bonds of trust and loyalty, making our clients’ needs and goals our own. We aim for project success and mutual satisfaction. Each client offers different product categories and different needs and deadlines, which always motivates us to measure ourselves against new dynamics. It is essential to have good organization and be flexible; we often find ourselves working on a large number of projects at the same time. We are fast and always up to date on what is happening around us to have a general view on the world, which is useful to understand how to act and what to propose.”

How do you sort or scout the brands you then follow?
“To date, we are present in many fields including luxury, fashion, design, lifestyle and art, and we always aim to expand. It is the features of the product that fascinate us, along with the history of the brand. But the aspect that I think is of paramount importance is the first approach with the customer. It is necessary to establish a relationship based on mutual trust right from the start for effective collaboration, defining goals together so that we can guide the brand or company to achieve them. If you do not find a connection with the client, it is difficult to think about starting a collaboration. Years and years of experience are good for that, too!”

What features do the products most in demand in the market right now present?
“Second skin dresses, transparencies, cuissard boots, leather, suits, sequins: these are some of the most popular requests. Then, each stylist has different needs: there are those who dress a character and pay special attention to their enhancement, the so-called celebrity stylists, those who do photo shoots for which they pay attention to the trends of the season, and those who work for advertising campaigns and look for specific clothes…”

Digital boom and sustainability. Are these issues still relevant today?
“We should become more responsible and more aware on the issue of sustainability. Climate change clearly shows that our consumption patterns are not working. If this is true in all fields, it is especially true in fashion. Sustainability issues are becoming an integral part of corporate strategies, from the most famous luxury brands to Fast Fashion chains. As for the digital boom, I think the pandemic has given people a huge boost, making them realize its potential even on the work front and no longer just for entertainment and leisure. The virtual world is present in every aspect of our lives and will be more and more so in the future. This scares me and arouses curiosity at the same time.”

Can you think of a brand that has particularly amazed you recently?
“I follow young creatives with a lot of curiosity. Fortunately, the fashion industry has come back to amaze us. I really enjoyed Harris Reed’s debut collection as creative director of Maison Nina Ricci. It was winning, in step with the times, eye-catching… he was able to renew the French brand’s identity by bringing in his romantic, non-binary imagery, while maintaining the usual formula: high fashion at affordable prices. The designer, already well known in the fashion scene, is a great advocate of issues of inclusivity. With his clothes he communicates a fashion that exists precisely to break down any gender stereotypes and tell a story of human beauty. I find it necessary to spread these messages in order to concretely eliminate discrimination and educate people about a more inclusive system. We will live in a world that no longer has the definition of female or male.”

What paths should fashion and communication take in the immediate future?
The world of communication, public relations and events is constantly evolving. With the advent of social media, many dynamics have changed, especially in the way PR is done. Although offline PR continues to exist, digital now plays a predominant role. Artificial intelligence algorithms influence us, determine our lives, are very fast and also outline some of the traits of the society of the future, although I personally try not to get absorbed by the speed, but devote reflection and time not to conform. I prefer to step back and carve out more time for reflection. In Terenzi Communication we have organized ourselves to provide a full service: for seven years now, we have also been involved in photographic productions with my partner and life partner, photographer Amilcare Incalza.”

Mara e il suo socio e marito il fotografo Amilcare Incalza