Massimiliano Bizzi, fondatore di WHITE

From a retailer’s first message to almost 1,000 emails received in the last 24 hours: a spontaneous and viral movement that turned into a free of charge association, made up of small-medium enterprises and craft activities of which WHITE and Confartigianato are representatives. An association created to deal cohesively with the current situation and to solicit economic interventions necessary after COVID-19.
Italy – a production centre of primary importance for the fashion and textile sector – is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus where SMEs are at greater risk of closure and bankruptcy.
An initial exchange of ideas with an Italian retailer turned into a viral communication involving thousands of small-medium enterprises (retailers, producers and distributors) that believed in WHITE as the right representative to face this global crisis together. Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE, has received more than 1,000 encouraging messages to create a movement whose motto is “Together we are stronger”. And precisely from the energy and desire to remain united to find concrete answers, the need arose spontaneously seeing thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises and artisan companies join the de facto and free-of-charge association represented by WHITE and Confartigianato Imprese. A real movement founded by people and entrepreneurs who intend to make their voices heard to ask the competent Ministries appropriate and urgent measures.
The spotlight will immediately turn on all small and medium-sized businesses and shops with a special #togetherwearestronger communication project that intends to give companies a voice through White’s communication channels, especially through social media such as Instagram. A storytelling of values – as well as of products – to launch a positive message, aimed at promoting and connecting companies to their e-commerce or online retailers.

To register and get more information about the Association TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER write an email to: