Constant change and innovation are the drivers for success in the 85th edition of Sapica, the international footwear and leather goods fair held from 24 to 26 August in León, Mexico. Under the motto “Transforming  businesses with a firm step”, it demonstrated the resilience of the Mexican industry, which is coming out of the pandemic with the desire to move forward and not surrender to hardship. The fair confirmed this mood and in fact has never ceased its forward momentum for even a second: in October 2020, it held steady with 200 exhibitors, in March 2021, this number grew to 240, while in August it ended with 290 exhibitors. The strategies adopted for supporting the business of these courageous companies followed two different directions. From one end, there was a focus on digitalisation in preparation for an innovative future, rich in ideas, new technologies, and added value. From the other end, there was a focus on creating experiences and emotions for buyers, exhibitors, and visitors both online and in-person at the fair.

The market’s reaction was clear, and over the days of the event, a significant rise in visitor participation was recorded, with a 34% increase in buyers from the Mexican Republic when compared to the March 2021 edition, and a +77% upswing in buyers from abroad, who mostly came from the United States, but also Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Canada, El Salvador and Columbia.

Even the transmission of know-how played an important part in the event, with seminars and meetings dedicated to the themes of innovation, digitalisation, fashion trends, and marketing with the participation of speakers like Juan Lombana from Mercatitlán, Gustavo Prado from Trendo Mx, Bernardo Bazúa from Coppel, and Ana Victoria García from Shark Tank. Glamour likewise made an appearance with fashion shows featuring the footwear and leather goods collections developed by world-famous designers. At the same time, the catwalk also saw the apparel collection of stylist Jorge Sanchez matched with the footwear of Salamandra and Fabián Arenas.