For RE49, being ‘green’ means making shoes with the lowest possible environmental impact, minimising waste, giving a new life to waste materials and producing footwear that is sustainable from start to finish: from when they are designed to when they end their life cycle. The family shoe company, founded in 1949, has in fact been converted to a circular economy production model. Materials and resources are reused, recovered and regenerated to create shoes that at the end of their life will be reconverted into new products. All components and materials of RE49 shoes are recycled. RE49’s production method is 100% carbon neutral with zero emissions and the shoes are PETA-approved Vegan and Cruelty-free certified, certifying that the product contains no animal-derived elements and has not been tested on animals. The tongue of each RE49 shoe also contains a microchip that traces the company’s ethics in the production process, for a transparent supply chain.