MICAM celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by giving itself a brand new space entirely dedicated to the culture of sneakers and outdoor footwear, featuring iconic names in the sector like Bjorn Borg, CMP, Dolomite, Joma Sport, Lotto, Skechers and many others. At the heart of the area, a bona fide playing field known as The Arena hosted a wide variety of athletic activities, from basketball to biking, culminating in a soccer match with the participation of Gianluca Zabrotta – the best full back of his generation who has now become a sports director – and with the the 3 vs 3 soccer tournament that saw the teams of the exhibiting brands face off against one another.
The perfect way for highlighting the latest products in the sneaker and outdoor segment inspired by the dynamism of the most engaging sporting events. A special area with initiatives that gave shape and body to the movement that is transformed into sports and that only the most hi-tech footwear is capable of turning into legendary victories.