Telling the story of Inblu means, above all, telling about a great production idea behind a technology that changed the way sandals and slippers were produced and that is called CHIPS: a slipper made with a process, innovative at the time, called 'injection' and that allowed the upper, insole and sole to be joined without the use of glue or other products. Today, as then, Inblu carries on an all-Italian quality and innovation that finds its main showcase on the international market at the Riva del Garda fair. We talked about it with Anna Fidanza, owner Condor Trade/Inblu.

Inblu was founded in the 1970s in Verolanuova (Brescia). What is the secret of this continuity and success over time?

"We are a family-run company and even today we follow the entire production process, from design to factory production and delivery. All our products are Made in Italy, because they are made entirely within our factories. I think this is a big plus, because we are able to take care of our products in all aspects, with love and dedication, from start to finish.  We are the market leader for injected, although we also have machine-sewn products in our collections, and we cater to the whole family. Our footwear is also particularly valued for its lightness and flexibility, as well as durability."

What are the new trends for the season?

"While maintaining the characteristics I mentioned above, namely lightness and flexibility, which are a must for our customers, metal chains and accessories are in high demand this year. In general, however, our customers trust our proposals and the trends we propose season after season, because they know that behind them there is a lot of research and development and a lot of dedication and seriousness."

Your collections also cater to children: what can you say about this market?

"For the past couple of years we have been increasing our collection dedicated to children because we have received several requests from our clientele. Therefore, we have developed new models of sandals and booties characterized always by high flexibility and lightness of the sole, which are having a good response. In addition, the Polish brand Befado, dedicated exclusively to children, is also part of our Group, which allows us to offer an even wider and more complete range dedicated to the youngest children."

Today we cannot avoid talking about sustainability: how are you moving in this area?

"We devote great attention to sustainability. In the winter collection there are a number of products made of recycled felt, and in the summer collection we have proposed sandals with recycled felt lining, with a pleasant feel and very colorful, which are very much liked. At the company level, we take advantage of solar panels to encourage both energy savings and environmental friendliness."

You have always been exhibitors at Expo Riva Schuh: What are your impressions of this latest edition in June?

"We have been attending the fair in Riva del Garda since our company was born, never missing a single edition. Even in the darkest and most difficult times of the pandemic we wanted to be there because we felt it was important to give a signal of continuity to our customers, and this has rewarded us.  Finally this very difficult period has passed and we can say that the June edition was the rebirth edition! We received many requests, including those related to delivery difficulties from the Far East, and this can only please us."