Among Enclò’s key concepts are a strong identity and self-confidence. With his brand, Enea Burattoni, is constantly searching for lightness and comfort without ever forgetting style and attractive design. He himself declares that he has an ambitious goal that he pursues with a hint of presumption, one that allows him to continue creating.

Where does your passion and vocation for the fashion world come from?

It is a passion that goes back to when I was five years old and I used to accompany my mother to the local tailor. I was fascinated by how she took measurements because it was there that the process that would lead to perfectly made garments began. I also loved the Golden Age Hollywood movies, the elegance of the characters and their clothes, so much so that I worked for almost 30 years in the US as a stylist for brands that dressed some of the hottest celebrities in show business.

How was Enclò born?

In 2018 I returned to Italy. I have always had a passion for footwear and, thanks also to a friend of mine within that environment, after a short time Enclò was born, which derives in part from enclosure. The line, which is reminiscent of the tights that you can also see in the logo, comes from the genius of Osvaldo Cavandoli and is a symbol of continuity, of infinite style, of purity, of simple and never banal beauty.

Tell us about one of your most iconic creations.

Two of the first creations created for Enclò are Vela and Nodo, which I consider fundamental for the brand. Vela in particular was made in different heights, models and materials. The aim is to provide shoes that are unique but suitable for different situations of use. The wearer must be able to express himself in one with the design product.

Where would you go shopping today and which fashion accessories would you buy?

I would go to Corso Como 10 in Milan and to Antonia, an elegant design boutique for men and women. Also, I’ve always been partial to Prada’s style, but I would also take a little trip to London, especially Selfridges, Browns and Dover Street Market.

Which designer has impressed you most recently on the catwalk?

I was very moved from start to finish by Prada, Miu Miu and Jil Sander, but also by other brands such as Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney. I was also impressed by more recent brands such as Duran Lantik and JordanLuca. I consider them to be original and never predictable brands that always know how to pleasantly surprise me.

If you think of real places or the world of music, works of art, film characters or whatever, what or who recently gave you inspiration or found you interesting?

The first one that comes to mind is Dave Brubeck, American pianist and composer. In particular the piece ‘Take five’ always gets me going, but I would also mention Philippe Glass String Quartet No. 5 and Kronos Quartet. In general, I am very attracted to architecture, whether I see it live or in well-crafted books. I think it is always a joy for a creative person to see the splendid realisation of man’s work and to draw inspiration from the shapes and colours that nature gives us.

What do you think are the trends we will see in the coming seasons?

My motto is Class versus Crass and I believe that in general we are going in that direction: volume, lightness, comfort, increasingly ultra-customised design details in spite of overabundance.

So, do you think fashion is changing?

In my opinion it is an evolution towards a globalisation of the local. A struggle between the big and the small, between common and individual identity. A desire to declare oneself as part of an increasingly connected whole. Past, present and future intersecting, leaving room for the fascination of the unpredictable.

What are your present and future projects?

With Enclò I am working on a small collection but it is still in an embryonic state and I prefer not to anticipate anything. For a few years now I have also dedicated myself to consulting and I am collaborating with a historic brand in Bologna.