Messe Frankfurt and Premium Group join forces and together aim to create a new ecosystem of events and shows for professionals and consumers in Frankfurt am Main, which will therefore have its own Fashion Week consisting of five platforms, three B2B fairs and two conferences, Fashiontech and the new Fashionsustain on circular economy and its developments, as well as fashion shows and happenings. “Applied Sustainability” and “Applied Digitisation” will be the strategic pillars of the events.
Runway shows will take pride of place in the new fashion week, as in the case of New York, London, Milan and Paris, with the presence of established fashion houses as well as emerging brands. The long-term goal is for the city to become the “new hotspot for the international fashion and lifestyle scene,” point out the organisers.
“With more than 2,000 designers, brands and fashion companies, Frankfurt Fashion Week will become a highly attractive and important destination for the international fashion business. We believe in the concept of a physical fashion week but in a different way from what we have known so far. Frankfurt Fashion Week will enable us to make full use of our textile expertise worldwide, and to create new synergies along the entire supply chain,” said Detlef Braun, member of the management board of Messe Frankfurt.