Innovation was once again the protagonist of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags with the Innovation Village Retail, the space dedicated to start-ups and young innovative companies, which saw the Start-up Competition as its moment of maximum expression.

In the June 2023 edition, the jury composed of experts and professionals from leading companies in the fashion industry elected Cents as the winning start-up, deeming its ethical marketing proposal for eCommerce to be of particular interest and innovative content. Cents is, in fact, a plug-and-play solution that allows eCommerce companies to offer their customers the possibility of adding a donation to the charity project they care about most, thus creating an ethical way of doing business. The platform thus allows fashion companies to grow their eCommerce while communicating the positive impact of their online sales effortlessly.

“The goal of Cents,” says Alessio Mazzalupi, Co-founder together with Riccardo Valobra of Cents, “is to create a positive impact linked to every online commerce transaction and at the same time help brands communicate this commitment throughout the funnel. It is a very simple concept, but very difficult for brands and merchants to realise. We help them to do it”. Authenticity, consistency and credibility are, in fact, key factors in developing a brand and differentiating its e-commerce from that of its competitors.

Furthermore, on the shopping cart page, the customer is involved in deciding which cause to support with their donation. By doing so, shopping cart order completion rates and customer LTV increase, as customers are more involved in the purchasing process and feel more aligned with the company’s values.

Finally, customers are engaged post-sale with personalised updates about the impact that has been achieved through the work of the non-profit organisation. “This is a very important opportunity for shops and brands because they can show their values through the entire sales funnel and engage their customers at multiple points in the value chain. I think customers want their favourite brands to have a positive impact on the planet and society. And I think 10 years from now, brands and shops will have to be sustainable in every aspect of the value chain. Cents can help them achieve this and speed up this process’.

Alessio Mazzalupi, Co-founder Cents