Mr. Oneto, can you tell us a bit about your background?

“For years, I was the director of the Accessories and Footwear management team at Benetton, dealing with all aspects inherent to the products and their design, style, prototypes, and production for all of the brand’s lines, from adults to children and United Colors, while coordinating a group of 40 collaborators in Italy and 20 in Hong Kong. I then worked for Coin in the same role and it was during this period that I met the Tacchella family, owners of the Carrera brand, which gave rise to a new opportunity for collaboration”.

This was the beginning of Carrera Accessori Srl…

“The licensing agreement began in 2014 with the acquisition of Carrera Jeans for men’s and women’s bags, belts, and wallets and will continue until 2030, an extremely long period of time that testifies to our mutual trust. Ours is a dynamic structure, with 9 people in charge of every aspect of production from finances to logistics, and there is even my wife Daniela who manages the product”.

How did you bring the Carrera DNA into the world of accessories?

“We tried to follow the casual identity of the brand, above all in the men’s proposal, even if there are also more urban and classic moods. For women, the work we had to do was more complex, because the brand was perceived as more of a men’s than a women’s brand. So, we developed women’s lines focused on a proposal with a trendy look, but with fashion details that were not too over-the-top, and with a contemporary and metropolitan mood. In any case, we do our best to present new projects each season, while also focusing on technological innovation and sustainability, through the use of recycled materials. For Fall-Winter, for example, we are launching a backpack with LED that can be used on bicycles, which thanks to an interface with the handlebars of the bike, can allow you to signal if you are turning right, left, or coming to a stop”.

What are the strengths of Carrera accessories?

“The reputation of the Carrera brand, combined with the artisanal construction of the product and quality of the raw materials, creates a higher perceived value than the cost of the product, which has allowed us to position ourselves with success on the mass market. Out main strengths are undoubtedly our accessibility and credibility, and the style, which is a mix of tradition, innovation, and research”.

How are these values communicated?

“We have entrusted communication to two brand ambassadors: the actor Francesco Arca and showgirl Giorgia Palmas, who are the protagonists of the brand’s campaign shoots, social networks, and even special projects. An example? At Christmas we created an online mini shop on Instagram, where we sold the bag realised in collaboration with Giorgia Palmas: an incredible success with record sales!”

Through which channels do you distribute your products?

“We focus above all on mass distribution, key footwear accounts like Scarpe&Scarpe and Pittarosso, and independent retail chains… and online we undertake innovative campaigns like the one I just mentioned”.

What are your goals for the future?

“Our main goal is that of internationalisation: for now, we are mostly present in Italy and are looking for a sales director who would be entrusted with our expansion in foreign markets. In the meantime, and already at this past edition, we decided to participate in Expo Riva Schuh, a fair I was already familiar with from my time at Benetton, which I used to attend to meet up with suppliers for a shoe/accessories retail project that never really took off… This time, as an exhibitor, I felt the fair was an excellent tool in providing access to Central-Northern European markets: I believe that even in a digital format Expo Riva Schuh has this same drive”.