The new capsule is the result of the collaboration between Saturnino Celani and Marco Campomaggi and consists of 15 exclusive shoulder straps for guitar and bass designed to make a unique and precious accessory indispensable in the world of music, until now purely functional. The straps take inspiration from different genres, from country to rock to new romantic, and are designed consistently with the style of these worlds, so as to emphasise the soul that each artist expresses through his or her music. ‘I have always shared many of my passions with Saturnino,’ says Marco Campomaggi, ‘including music, design, creativity. But the search for uniqueness is what has led us to realise this new project, where each of us has been able to contribute with our own experience and great enthusiasm.” – and Saturnino adds – “I felt the urgency of an accessory born from meeting human beings with the same obsession for details.”