At a time when mass production dominates the market, Be Your Bag aims to stand out for its proposal of uniqueness and tradition. Be Your Bag is, in fact, the first 100% customisable Made in Italy bag, which allows every woman to create her own made-to-measure bag. Customisation is not limited to the choice of details and colours, but extends to the possibility of inserting special dedications and one’s own initials, making each piece unique. All this is made possible thanks to the art and craftsmanship of Italian artisans, who have been handing down techniques and secrets of a timeless trade in their workshop in Genoa since 1977.

“Customisation is not just a detail, it is the very essence of what we offer,” says Elena Pellini, co-founder of Be Your Bag with her husband Giacomo. “Every bag we make becomes a statement, a way to express one’s individuality in an increasingly standardised world.” “The essence of Be Your Bag has always been to create something unique for each customer. It is not just a product, it is a piece of Italian history made specifically for the wearer. Our vision of Italian craftsmanship goes beyond mere creation: it is about weaving together stories, dreams and traditions.”