Originally created as the shoe of the poor, the “Friulana” was made from leftover scraps of material and sold by farmers in the countryside on the outskirts of Venice during the post-war period. The first to fall in love with it were the gondoliers, attracted by the simple shape and by the anti-slip sole perfect for their gondolas, and over time, they also started being sold in the market stalls under the Rialto Bridge, conquering an increasingly extensive public. Today, this traditional and striking shoe is revived in the creations of ALLAGIULIA, the brand created in 2010 by Giulia Campeol, where artisanal processes are blended with a use of the most diverse materials. The ALLAGIULIA babouche in fact uses regenerated bicycle tires for the sole, which is then matched with a non-toxic and comfortable insole, while the upper uses leathers and fine fabrics like velvet, striped canvas and linen, but also old bandanas and foulards coming from vintage markets. Important names in the world of fashion and distribution already propose the ALLAGIULIA world in their selection, starting from Barneys, Opening Ceremony, Takashimaya and 10 Corso Como. For the last two years, the www.allagiulia.it e-commerce site has also been active, and since October 2020, ALLAGIULIA has been present on ISSIMOISSIMO.COM, the new e-commerce and lifestyle platform dedicated to Made in Italy.