It is the first time the Vigevano Consortium has put an entrepreneur who is not a footwear manufacturer at its head, but Giovanni Torielli does in fact have very closely ties to this world, even though it is more in a “mechanical” sense. Announcing his nomination was his predecessor Mario Martinoli at the opening ceremony of the 39th Devotion to Work Award celebrations held at the Vigevano Cagnoni Theatre on Saturday 26 October. In front of a numerous public, he announced the winners of the 2019 edition, who were granted certificates of merit and commemorative medals of honour. Standing out among them were the three special awards, which went to Monica Chemini from Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, Grazia di Bello from Assocalzaturifici and Vincenzo Marinese, President of Confindustria Venezia and Rovigo.
The following day at the Church of Jesus Divine Worker, Cardinal Severino Poletto celebrated High Mass, with the official Donning of the Mantles by the winners of the award, representing the high point of the event. After the ceremony, a social luncheon followed in the striking location of the Seconda Scuderia of Vigevano’s Castle Sforzesco, reuniting both former winners and the newest wearers of the mantle.

The entrepreneurs who received this prestigious award are:
Massimo Angeleri from Officina Meccanica Angeleri in Vigevano-Pavia; Roberto Badon from the De Robert footwear facility in Saonara-Padova; Renzo Bettin from Fae Stampi in Gravellona Lomellina-Pavia; Michela Caresana from Sia Biffignandi in Cassolnovo-Pavia; Robertino Ferrari from Officina Meccanica Sagitta in Vigevano; Bernardo Finco from Conceria Finco in Bassano del Grappa-Vicenza; Giuseppe Gallucci from Gallucci Shoes in Monte Urano-Fermo; Roberto Longo, President of the Bata Shoe Organization in Latin America; Alessandro Negrini from Officina Nuova Gines in Cassolnovo; Gian Andrea Pezzoli from Giovanni Pezzoli Pellami in Vigevano; Magdalena and Santiago Pons-Quintana Palliser from  Santiago Pons Quintana in Minorca-Spain; Bartolomeo Schiavone from F.lli Schiavone in Carinaro-Caserta; Giovanni Torielli from Torielli Vigevano; and Cristiano Zanella from Zanella Engineering in Strà-Venezia.

The winning employees are:
Presented by the entrepreneurs, the winning employees of the award for their on-the-job dedication and seniority in their companies’ workforces are Enzo Cartuccia from the Duna footwear manufacturing facility in Falconara Marittima-Ancona; Giovan Battista Ghignoni from Calzaturificio Fratelli Soldini in Capolona-Arezzo; Marco Reina from Officina Meccanica Sagitta in Vigevano; Gian Luigi Savino from Calzaturificio Moreschi in Vigevano; and Rosita Trivisonno from the footwear facility of Caimar in Vigevano.