An elegant location that is well-reflected by the allure of the Saint Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood: the new Voile Blanche store recalls old-fashioned Italian shops with shades of light blue and cement grey, furnishings with matte surfaces, ceramic tiles and wooden displays where shoes, accessories, and designer objects are showcased.

Founded in 2008, Voile Blache immediately met up with success thanks to its distinct identity based on a linear and basic style and its use of Dacron, the material typically found in the sails of boats, with great attentiveness to details, workmanship and materials.

Owner of the Voile Blanche brand is the Marches group Falc, which has a brand portfolio that includes Naturino, Falcotto, W6YZ and Flower Mountain. With a sales revenue of 52 million euros in 2018, Falc is present with its brands in a network of 3000 stores, which includes 1000 in Italy.