Developed following numerous field tests carried out by the R&D department of the Varese-based company, Vibram SoleSystem represents the desire to promote a revolutionary sole + midsole concept aimed at amplifying the product’s performance and potential. The midsoles made by Vibram offer rebound, comfort and resilience thanks to the insertion of lining plates, and are skilfully coupled with the best compounds and technologies produced by the company in recent years to improve grip, traction, lightness and durability. The Vibram SoleSystem collection, presented at Outdoor by Ispo, consists of a selection of outdoor products dedicated to different disciplines such as trail running, fast hiking and multisport, and an absolute novelty for the indoor world, specifically designed for basketball. The winning combination starts with an Eva and TPU midsole to provide greater support, stability and cushioning, while the new Vibram X-Abrade sole offers the perfect mix of comfort, grip and abrasion resistance on smooth surfaces such as playing fields.

Vibram X-Abrade