Vibram Lock System is an innovative idea that combines design, experimentation and a solid heritage imprint. It is a modular sandal, inspired by the concepts of low-tech and custom-made in terms of construction, which perfectly combines the “Less is more” philosophy. Starting from a careful analysis of the sole’s technological properties, Vibram’s R&D department has, in fact, developed a product that is completed by only two elements entirely made by Vibram: a sole, made of comfortable, soft and light rubber-based foam, which is inserted into a cage equipped with several locks that allow the upper to be connected by means of a hook-and-loop system. The sabot, which can be easily assembled and disassembled in just a few steps, does not require the use of adhesives or solvents and, in addition to being very light, can be customised using different materials for a variety of interpretations. Depending on seasonality, creativity and design, the upper can vary in the type of materials used, ranging from knit to rubber or leather.