In the beginning there were Giancarlo and Mirella Cerofolini: just married, with ambition in their hearts and the desire to leave their jobs behind, so they could establish their very own business. Their adventure soon resulted in the founding of a company that bet it all on an iconic model, the flat, which initially conquered national clientele, to then go on to international markets.
It was immediately a success: shapes, colours, details and accessories that are always different highlight the creativity of Prosperine proposals, conquering an increasing number of fans. It is all merit of an irresistible mix that blends innovative styles with artisanal craft techniques – like the California slip-lasting process – thus making the brand’s proposals aesthetically striking and super-comfortable at the same time.
It is precisely the expertise of Prosperine to attract leading international brands, allowing the company to flank the production of their very own brand with those of private labels.
With the passing of the years, the second generation of the family has made its entrance into the company, with the couple’s son and daughter Marco and Laura breathing new life into it. The stylistic proposal has become more extensive, with the iconic flat now joined by the pump, moccasins, and ankle boots – all of which are always extremely feminine and elegant -, while also arriving in new end markets, which today include Asia, the USA, Northern Europe, and even Australia.
The anniversary collection is an ode to the history of Prosperine, renewing the identifying traits of the brand. Presented in a preview at the last edition of MICAM, it alternates ornate flats featuring feather tufts, with striking bows, expressed in optical fabrics, glamorous metallic finishes, and precious details like snaffles or buckles… all characterised by extremely trendy animal print linings. Plus, there are edgy proposals like furry flats and moccasins for a perfect Teddy style.
Thus, although the years may pass, the creativity of Prosperine becomes stronger and looks with trust to the challenges of tomorrow.