The 41st edition of the “Devotion to Work Award” promoted by the Saint Crispino and Crispiniano Consortium of Vigevano with the support of Assocalzaturifici, this year wanted to grant a special award to Faustino Villa, for his many years of activity in the footwear manufacturing industry, which have culminated in his current roles as CEO of Edizioni AF, Sole Administrator for Edizioni Fotoshoe (which publishes our magazine), and Managing Director of Expo Riva Schuh.

L’investitura del mantello di Faustino Villa

This year the celebrations that were held from Saturday, the 23rd of October to Monday, the 25th of October, were in a certain sense doubled, since the mantles to be donned, symbolizing inclusion in the consortium as a member, were granted for both the years 2021 and 2020, when in-person events could not be held because of the pandemic.

The event was held on the evening of Saturday, 23 October, when at Vigevano Castle’s Cavallerizza, the Bishop of Lodi, Giuseppe Merisi, welcomed those in attendance, announcing the new winners for their devotion to work and grating to each one a certificate of merit and medal of honour. Sunday, October 24th, after the procession with the relics of the Patron Saints of footwear manufacturers, Saint Crispino and Crispiniano, High Mass was held by Bishop Giuseppe Merisi at the Church of Jesus Divine Worker, during which the mantles were granted to the winners. This was followed by a social luncheon, an occasion for camaraderie and socializing among new and old members. Finally, on Monday, October 25th, the Devotion to Work Award celebrations ended with a funeral mass held in honour of deceased workers and members of the Consortium.

The entrepreneurs awarded in the 2021 edition were: Gianni Tognin, owner of Tre-Gi, a manufacturer of moulds (Vigevano); Paolo Alberto Massimo Bove, footwear representative (Lucca); Margherita Sguazzini, owner of the historic “Calzoleria Sguazzini” of Piazza Ducale (Vigevano); Luca Giovanni Darone, trader and representative of leathers for footwear and apparel; and Giancarlo Germanetti, wholesale footwear trader (Turin). In addition to Faustino Villa, also the former mayor of Vigevano, Andrea Sala, received a special award for the support he always provided to the Consortium during his years of office. For 2021, the workers awarded for over 30 years of manufacturing activity were instead: Stefano Cappini from the Fratelli Soldini footwear company (Capolona, Arezzo); Stefano Saini from the Fratelli Soldini footwear company (Capolona, Arezzo); and Ketty Marzi from the Cesare Martinoli-Caimar footwear company (Vigevano).

Likewise receiving a medal of honour and donning the mantle were the entrepreneurs of the 2020 edition: Giancarlo Germanetti, wholesale footwear trader (Turin); Giampietro Gozzoli from the Mamir footwear company (Verolavecchia, Brescia); Antonio Scandalitta from the BAV footwear company (Vigevano, Pavia); Moises Amoros Cano, footwear machinery trader from Elche (Spain); and Juan Carlos Fernandez de Salort, Vice President of FIVE Service from the Island of Menorca (Spain).

The 2020 special awards were instead granted to Roberto Pellegrini, President of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi (TN); Marius Babral, Vice President of PIPS (the Polish Chamber of Shoe and Leather Industry); Claudia Simonato from the Brenta Consortium of Master Footwear Manufacturers in Strà (VE); and Lorenzo Raggi, who previously collaborated with Fotoshoe and most recently with Edizioni AF.