In the spirit of a ‘smart’ and ‘green’ wardrobe, the newly launched brand, FOURLINE (born in 2021), speaks the language of sustainability, recycling, and future fashion. The name takes its inspiration from 4 fundamental concepts on which the brand’s philosophy is based: Made in Italy, Sustainability, Recycling, and Innovation. The FOUR sneakers are in fact made using sustainable and recycled materials, starting from the upper made using 100% recycled leather derived from food industry waste, while the lining is in natural cotton and the sole is made from 50% recycled rubber derived from production waste. Even the packaging, like all the advertising materials, are eco-friendly in 100% recycled cardboard. 

Besides the sustainable aspect, the patches are another great invention of the project, because they allow the consumer to ‘revamp’ their sneaker in accordance with a specific mood, outfit, or occasion, in a simple and fun way. Choosing a shoe that is red, glittery, with bear, neon, or neutral is no longer a problem: the new sneaker has a patch that is suited to every possible need, so it’s possible to “dress and undress” the sneaker, while respecting the environment and saving money. In terms of retail, the patches allow retailers to constantly “renew” their fashion proposal, “recycling leftover stock” by simply substituting the Patch.The production of Four sneakers is 100% Made in Italy and guaranteed by LAKE SRL – a renowned company from Brescia that has been operating for over 10 years in the market of shoes and fashion accessories.