For the first time, making their debut in the collection are unisex lines with basic shapes like Kenton and Tourist, while there is likewise a strong focus on sustainability with models like Tinker Jogger made from 100% organic cotton, cultivated on terrains free of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, and manufactured without whitening agents or hazardous inks, in full respect for the environment and mankind in accordance with the TRU BLU sustainable concept by Pepe Jeans London.
In terms of trends and colours, the inspiration for the summer season comes from the enchanted and magical landscapes of Dorset and Lamu Island, which is combined with the iconic Pepe Jeans London archive for a solution that is nostalgic and innovative at the same time. For men, standing out is the Slab model with a completely new construction capable of combining elegance with the urban world. There is then the Blake X73, the most technical shoe of the collection inspired by the 90’s with a mix of textures and materials, and the Malibu, an updated version of the iconic Industry sneaker, which is characterised this season by a use of vulcanized rubber.
For women, among the most iconic models we find Chelsea, informal and elegant at the same time; Rusper, the classic running shoe renewed by an extra-large sole; and Eccles, with much of its inspiration taken from the 2000 chunky line of models. There are then sporty sandals, perfect for matching with every outfit, and capable of combining the comfort of a sneaker with the style of a trekking sandal.