Piquadro continues to pursue its commitment to the environment and social issues and has received a new, important acknowledgement from Standard Ethics, a rating agency known in the world of “sustainable finance” and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) studies for promoting standard principles of sustainability and governance from the European Union, the OECD and the United Nations. The Agency has, in fact, increased the long-term Corporate Standard Ethics Rating (SER) for the Piquadro Group to EE and, at the same time, confirmed the Corporate Standard Ethics Rating (SER) EE assigned last year, attesting to the Group’s adequate compliance with sustainability standards.

Marco Palmieri, President and CEO of the Piquadro Group, commented: “This recognition is a source of great pride for me because I am firmly convinced that attention to sustainability issues is an essential ETHICAL choice for the Group’s three brands, as it should be for every company. We started a few years ago on a path that, starting from supporting our territory, has evolved into a series of strategic product choices up to carbon offsetting for purposes 1 and 2. Our challenge at this point is to reduce emissions through goal-oriented design processes, conscious behaviour and an honest commitment to spreading environmental awareness. Of course, we will also continue to be socially committed”.

Marco Palmieri