Asuperhouse-kashira unique and exclusive proposal for working women: the Super Lady Collection by the Superhouse Group offers safety, while at the same time guaranteeing a distinct look and a high level of comfort. Characterised by a special dual density PU sole with a flower pattern, the footwear of the collection has optimal resistance to slipping in accordance with SRC standards. Available also in S1P and S3 versions, Super Lady shoes are sophisticated, colourful, and trendy, and it’s easy to choose a favourite from among the five different available versions.

Made using high quality leathers and high performance linings, with the ability to absorb the perspiration of the foot, among the fabrics of Super Lady shoes is included anti-penetration Kevlar, which ensures maximum protection in the widsuperhouse-jessicae variety of work environments typical of today’s working women.

The Super Lady Collection is produced in the two directly owned facilities of the Superhouse Group in the region of Kanpoor, using six different Desma injection machines and the leathers supplied by the group’s very own tanneries.

With a turnover of 200 million dollars and 8000 employees, every year the Superhouse Group produces more than 1.2 million pairs of safety footwear with outsoles in Pu/PU, Pu/TPU, PU/Rubber, Vulcanized Rubber and cemented constructions: numbers that make this Indian company one of the leading players in the world of safety shoes.