Made in Italy shoes are some of the most beloved shoes worldwide: according to Confindustria Moda sources, last year 7 out of 10 pairs produced, for 9.6 million pairs, were exported. What are the Italian shoes creating the most interest? What are the trends currently leading the way in Italy? Taking first place in the SEMrush study onto Italy, with an average of 67,492 searches per month and almost 2,000 searches per day, is Superga, the sports shoes of the historic brand founded in Turin in 1911 that have been on the feet of generations of Italians for over a century. Second place instead goes to Tod’s, the Marches brand belonging to the Della Valle family, with its 43,933 clicks per month; followed by La Sportiva, the company from Trento specialised in technical footwear dedicated to mountain sports, in third place with its 30,425 monthly searches.
As follows is the top ten in Italy, where, together a number of important international brands flank our domestic brands:
1. Superga – 67,492 searches on average every month
2. Tod’s – 43,933 searches on average every month
3. La Sportiva – 30,425 searches on average every month
4. Scarpa – 18,075 searches on average every month
5. Balenciaga sneakers – 14,658 searches on average every month
6. Nike sneakers – 12,083 searches on average every month
7. Adidas sneakers – 7,792 searches on average every month
8. Le Silla – 6,450 searches on average every month
9. Baldinini – 6,025 searches on average every month
10. Puma sneakers – 4,133 searches on average every month
The foreign classification is not much different: at first place, the subject of sneakers is an especially popular search term in the USA, with an average of 220,810 monthly searches, followed by Italy (190,800), the United Kingdom (71,550), Germany (65,820) and France (59,100). Asian markets, instead, show little interest, with Japan at fifteenth place (15,920), Hong Kong at twenty-fifth (7,330), South Korea coming in at forty-third place (2,960), while China is at sixty-third place (with only 780 monthly searches).
As far as brands are concerned, in 9 out of the first top ten ranking countries, the absolutely Italian Superga continues to be the favourite, with the exception of the USA that prefers the South Korean brand Fila. If the range is extended to include the first 20 positions, then Superga footwear confirms itself to be the most beloved of all the brands.
Among the first twenty is also Tod’s (at 5th place in France, 12th place in Taiwan, 15th place in Japan, and 17th place in Belgium); while La Sportiva, Baldinini and Superga are all equally popular in Switzerland (13th place). Finally, La Sportiva is at 18th place in Austria and Baldinini is at 20th place in Russia.