On the move

primigi primigi-2 primigi-3 primigi-4

Dynamic and cutting-edge, and always on the move:  the Primigi collections looks to active wear with lines that seem to attack the ground and start off at full speed. For boys, there is a throwback to the world of motors and racing, while for girls, glittery highlights and eco-fur details light up a super-glam version. There is also a nod to Brit coté and a preppy mood for back to school in the spirit of a modern-day style, along with rock versions for more transgressive looks.

Eco-chic nature

naturino_jazz_vl_182-0012013056010a01 naturino_joke_182-0012013059011c14 naturino_velvet_182-0012013036010m01 naturino_victoria_182-0012501568030h02

Nature, a territory for playing and discovery, in preparation for the great trips of the future: this is the filter the Naturino collection plays upon, with respect for the environment and innovation coexisting in perfect harmony. Thus, fur can become the protagonist, but is strictly eco, for heel collars and trim embellishing uppers. For girls, next to classic proposals, we also find uppers enriched by metallic or colourful technical fabric embroideries, and heart, rose, and star appliqués. For boys, instead, there are street-style brushstrokes, essential sneakers in velour and nylon, and fashionable models treated with special dirtying and aging effects, just like in adult versions. There is then Naturino Rainstep, the rainwear line that is flanked by timeless ankle boots and boots with a touch of glam conveyed through patent leather and lamé.


A lively kind of classic




The Melania collection plays between two extremes: a classic Brit style reedited with romantic-glam details, featuring velvet bows for lace-ups and ankle boots, boots trimmed in soft fur with some animalier highlights, patent leather inserts on Chelsea boots, glittery fringes for dainty moccasins… and punk temptations, between combat boots with a bad look made possible by buckles and studs, or softened by embroidered roses. There is then the sports mood, with hi-cut models decorated by star patches, playful prints, multicolomelaniar sequins, and lurex or lamé inserts.

Soft touch



Softness, urban style, and the desire to copy adult fashion: these are the focuses of the Kickers kid’s collection. The French brand looks to ultra-soft soles in its baby lines, guaranteeing a never-before-seen level of comfort. For bigger kids, fashion is the protagonist in the urban line, with shapes and styles inspired by cutting-edge trends, a mix of materials, straight and well-defined heels, volume crêpe soles, and “mini-me” lines that are inspired by the brand’s adult collection. There are then iconic pieces in laminated and mirrored leather, mountain boots in city versions… And for the casual-elegant inspired sports world are Kick sneakers, which copy the style of dad, but with the addition of a practical zip.


Total black

asso1 asso2 asso3 asso4

Just one protagonist for the first Asso capsule collection exclusively made from genuine leather: black. With a chic-rock feel, it alternates boots, combat boots and ankle boots designed with the most unlikely textures, constructive techniques, and details: knee-high boots with a matelassé design, ankle boots with eco-fur finishings and rhinestones, studs and buckles for combat boots with zips and metallic eyelets, and Chelsea boots in a pure Brit style enriched by points of light… Transgressive, without exaggerating, black is the leading trend for the coming season.

Mini Melissa
Jelly glam

melissa-1 melissa-2 melissa-3 melissa-4

Research on styles and important collaborations characterise the Mini Melissa proposal also for FW 2018-19. From rain boots with glittery bows, to Ultralight hyper-romantic boots with little hearts, maxi embossed bows, flamingo and unicorn prints, and embossed butterflies enriched by glitter… the collection has a genuinely vast range of models that span from baby models – including in particular the striking crochet-effect sandal – all the way to kids aged 14 years old. For the Mini Melissa Disney line, we find slip-ons decorated with a tone-on-tone Mickey Mouse, or with Mickey and Minnie who kiss each another when the shoes are brought close to one another. Brand new from the Vivienne Westwood line, instead, is the sandal with leopard spots and ultra-pop prints.

Andrea Montelpare

Dark Romance

andreamontelpare-1 andreamontelpare-2 andreamontelpare-3 andreamontelpare-4

Glitter and velvet in dark tones, patent leather details, craq and flocked metal… pearls, nickel and golden studs, and maxi patches of shining stars… ironic patches in the shape of hearts, lips, eyes, and crowns dusted with rhinestones, red rose studs… the romanticism of Andrea Montelpare turns towards a dark and rock style, characterising a collection played off oxfords, ankle boots, combat boots with rubber outsoles, glittery slip-ons, and trainers for a sophisticated street style.

Montelpare tradition


montelparetradition-1 montelparetradition-2 montelparetradition-3 montelparetradition-4

When tradition capably renews itself with sophisticated stylish details, precious materials, and bold forays into glam, the final result is sure to be a winner: this is how Montelpare tradition revamps the moccasin with must-haves for her represented by maxi bows and blossoming floral elements with jewel settings, while high and sporty outsoles are proposed for him. There are then brogues with grip-fast, but ultralight outsoles, college shoes, and desert boots. Sneakers with extra-light micro outsoles. Low boots, combat boots, sneakers, and ankle boots played off glossy patent leather, bows and heart-shaped patches, while pearls form the word “love”. Sophisticated slip-ons, slippers and ankle boots in velvet or with all-over flocking, flats and Mary Janes of every kind… giving life to an iconic style.


Revolutionary street

am66-4 am66-1 am66-3 am66-4

The energy of movement and colour are the driving inspirations of the new AM66 collection. There is the usual mix of a cutting-edge style, experimentation, a contemporary mood, and the brand’s trademark functionality, which are featured in models that play off black and white matchings with colour blocks, and materials and accessories with shocking and revolutionary elements: from Future Rock Studs for boots, combat boots, and military low boots, to Glittering Spacegirl for dazzling glam ankle boots with prominent laces, models with Royal and Love graphic patches, and graffiti elements.

Bumper for the Lamborghini Automobili Collection


lamborghini-4 lamborghinibumper-1 lamborghinibumper-2 lamborghinibumper-3

Sharing the same DNA and passion for research and design innovation: Bumper and Lamborghini Automobili Collection debut with the concept of “sport utility” in the world of children’s shoes for the very first time. These are the origins of Bumper Lambo shoes: the star is an extra-light outsole with “all-wheel drive” in white and black, for baby and junior models featuring technical fabric, with metal inserts in laminated patent leather and the bold bull logo on the brand’s trademark yellow-black shield. In multiple combinations: from the basic lace-up model with reinforced eyelets and toes, to the more elaborate models with Velcro fastening, black padded noses similar to the hood of a car, and black rubber veins that bring to mind the mixed carbon elements of Lamborghini race cars…



Celebrating its 10th anniversary

jarrett jarrett-2 jarrett-3

Jarrett celebrates its 10th anniversary with a capsule collection that renews the brand’s values of style, research and innovation, with a special touch provided by a pinch of glam. All of which is played off all-over prints that reproduce a special font, with a certain liveliness conveyed through the colour yellow. Thus, as can be seen in all its collections, the Jarrett proposal is represented by 100% Made in Italy craft workmanship, in a perfect combination of the best technologies and the most antique artisanal traditions… between hand-stitched moccasins, the bonding of each model, California construction for softer flats, to the Strobel technique for lighter weight sneakers.

Liu Jo Girl

Coté elegance

liu-jo liu-jo2 liu-jo3 liu-jo4

Urban but coté elegance, the Liu Jo Girl collection focuses on glossy, glittery, and pearled surfaces for a classic line of models, while interpreting it with innovative details. All-over glitter or glitter present only on the back of the shoe, for pink and black sneakers, boots with fur lightened by little studs and stars, all-over patent leather or patent leather only on the toes and heels for elegant lace-ups, Chelsea boots, and combat boots. There are then exquisite decorations, like rhinestone-studded bands, which cut across the upper of the sneakers, and precious stones for the maxi tongues of sneakers and combat boots.

Morelli Kids
Ironic shot

moerlli-22 morelli morelli-3 morelli-4

An urban style expressed with great irony:  Morelli Kids interprets it with colourful combat boots decorated by friendly patches: smiley faces, little stars, lips, and sequin embroideries. The same decorations enrich the range of sneakers that are covered in all-over glitter or which use it as an insert, along with patent leather, for a glossy/matte contrast on surfaces. There are then laminated sneakers with fluttering fringes, or fur tongues, boots trimmed in rhinestones and patent leather ankle boots… A nod is made to proposals that are more casual, like colour block sneakers, with straps and meticulous details, and sometimes even contrasting tones.

Fessura Gang
Futuristic rush

fessura fessura-2 fessura-3 fessura-4

The brand of iconic sneakers with elastic bands interprets the most cutting-edge sock-sneakers concept in its own way, proposing an extremely innovative and enjoyable collection, with a sporty-chic futuristic mood. The chromatic choice favours the cool beauty of neutral tones, which are lit up by flashes of lurex and glitter. For facing the great cold, instead, the preference is for technical fabrics that match lightness with protection from the harshest weather conditions.

Tommy Hilfiger

Preppy time

tommy tommy-2 tommy-3 tommy-4

The preppy style of Tommy Hilfiger is renewed by alternating proposals with the iconic blue, red, and white log colours, with pink, to satisfy the most romantically inclined little girls. At the same time, the collection maintains the ever-present American imprint of the brand in an extremely cutting-edge casual-elegant style, with sneakers enriched by stars and glitter inserts, casual sneakers in suede with practical straps in colour blocks, and hi top drivers with straps arriving above the ankle… A nod is also made to pleasant fur boots, decorated with hearts bearing the colours of the brand.

Bensimon Kids

“Mini-me style”

bensimon bensimon-2

The iconic Bensimon sneakers proposes the “Mini-Me” collection for the littlest set, for a look that is 100% coordinated with mom’s. Same colours, same decorative themes, and same embroideries and prints: a party for adults and children, with its main protagonists represented by timeless Paisley themes, embroidered on the upper, on velvet, in a plain version and a corduroy version, on denim, on floral prints in a liberty style and with fun polka dots.


Casual chic

falcotto_connie_182-0013001284010q06 falcotto_curtis_vl_182-0012012871010b01 falcotto_heart_182-0012012816030m01 falcotto_vega_182-0012012886021h02

Just one mood, casual chic, and many stylistic expressions for the Falcotto collection dedicated to the littlest set. For the most romantic girls, the soft glam of soft fur is matched with the shine of glitter. For more rock-inclined girls, there are studded boots and sneakers with playful pop-patches, which imitate the style of their bigger sisters. Pure street style accompanies the adventures of the most daring Falcotto boys between colourful brushstrokes, friendly patches, bold stars, and colour blocks. For the most active kids, there are velour colour blocks and technical fabric used in the sneakers, which are just like dad’s.


First steps with style

walkey walkey-2 walkey-3 walkey-4

Even the littlest set wants their own dose of style: Walkey replies to this need with a winter collection that instead of proposing classic slip-ons, reinterprets a more mature style in a first steps key, including Brit and preppy accents. The collection’s shoes, ankle boots, boots, and mountain boots focus on fur trim, precious pompoms, fur and leopard-printed satin bows, glittery details, and heart-themed prints for her. For him, we find playful patches and details with contrasting colours. Even sneakers are a strong point of the collection, and we find them with material blocks of glitter and plain leather, with glittering starry or spongy patches, in matte and shiny versions.