Guaranteeing comfort and performance is the mantra of Xeroshoes, an American brand that since 2009 has been committed, day after day, to researching ever more innovative technologies that can accompany barefoot enthusiasts at all times. For this reason, Xeroshoes has chosen Michelin for the new Scrambler Mid, an innovative and ultra-light trekking boot capable of enhancing the experience on the trails of the most demanding hikers. The lightness of the Michelin sole – exclusively designed, engineered and manufactured by JV International – allows the hiker to walk the longest trails without tiring, while the flexibility ensures maximum comfort. These two key elements are made possible by the exclusive fiberlite technology, which consists of the insertion of a special thin fabric on the lining of the reinforced sole, making it light and flexible, for unprecedented performance. Added to this innovative technology applied to the compound is the traction, for extreme freedom of movement, and the design with spaced tread blocks inspired by MTB wheel treads, which offers greater cleanliness and maximum grip.