Rondinella shoes are a perfect example of Made In Italy excellence. Main objective: to create high quality, comfort able shoes for children.

Since its birth in 1936 in the town of Monte San Giusto, two main elements have distinguished the Rondinella brand: the craftsmanship of the production and constant search for new aesthetics in the working of the materials and in the colours.

The Rondinella collection for next winter is inspired by the friendly and colourful world of monsters, which are loved even by very young children. Silk-screen designs or leather and patent applications, these little monsters merge perfectly with the working of the materials, focused on practicality and comfort. The patent inserts are enriched with new effects, ranging from glossy to matte with reflections, which create amazing alternations of light and shade. The winter collection plays on the type of leather: vintage gold, silver and bronze. Reflective materials were chosen as a coating and as part of the shoe itself.

Camouflage prints provide a sober and sophisticated style, while the cuts and prints give the shoes a contemporary mood without ever neglecting comfort. The colour schemes see the presence of many natural tones such as leather, olive, mustard and brick. Instead, the most colourful models play on shades of burgundy and purple, which arrive at very practical and fashionable scales of grey and black. New zip made with a special process and stitching with contrasting coloured thread adds value to the fun nature of the Rondinella collections. Special processes are dedicated to the laces: with a tuft of colours for an innovative character or with a glittery thread in the weave for a trendier look.