No season, no collections: founded in 2011, the brand of innovative and artisanal sneakers RBRSL decided to focus on a single product, embracing a new responsible approach to its collections, so they are functional with a timeless look. The aim is to overcome the out-of-date speed characterising the fashion cycle, while avoiding waste during a time when consumer purchases are down. At the same time, the philosophy of the brand is reconfirmed “ Every step that allows man to move beyond a frontier is a step towards the future!” alongside the recognisability of the product that is characterised by an iconic rubber soul that is manually spread and fused with the upper creating a bona fide shell.

In terms of innovation, RBRSL invests in digitalisation for its worldwide development, launching the RBRSL virtual showroom, which is made available to distributive partners and its sales force, for the promotion and presentation of the collections. It is also present on the multibrand platform of THESHHHOP, an e-commerce channel structured according to the geolocation of customers with a focus on customer care for distributive partners, which integrates the online shop of the brand.