“It’s a highly innovative selection, created to highlight the junior segment under the name PMG #BlackLab, with designer and trendy proposals – explained Gabriele Ferretti, sales director of the IGI Division of Imac to Fotoshoe.
What is the mood of the collection?primigi_201906_006_1j2a8852
“The mood is decidedly urban, even if there are a few romantic touches on the proposals for girls. We find sneakers with lamé inserts and animalier textures, ‘rock’ sandals in black and white with rhinestone pavé and sandals of workwear inspiration with neon and silver ribbons, but also ‘froufrou’ sandals with floral appliqués… Models designed to specifically meet the tastes of a junior and teen clientele, with new packaging more suited to adolescents than what is usually used by Primigi”.

Starting with this season, Primigi has also cemented an important partnership. Can you tell us about it?

“We flanked the Primigi experience in the kids’ sector with that of the biggest producer worldwide of tyres: Michelin. The leading French brand has been producing soles in natural rubber for years, thanks to know-how matured in the automotive sector. The result is a new line of sporty children’s footwear inserted as part of the PMG #BlackLab line and named PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4, where on a Michelin sole specifically designed for Primigi is proposed a line of cutting-edge models in perfect harmony with the tread of the sole. A well-balanced mix for both the innovative style and technical performance of the shoe”.