pepe-jeans-2Thinking of the future of the environment means thinking of the future of humanity: for this reason, eco-friendly fashion is meeting up with growing interest and success among consumers and especially the younger generations. In line with this sentiment, Pepe Jeans launches for the coming Fall/Winter 2019-20 season the innovative No. 22 capsule collection, sustainable footwear that helps cut back on pollution, while also being fashionable-trendy. It all starts with the name chosen for this striking project, which refers to the number on the periodic table for titanium. In fact, this unisex sneaker, available in a range of colours that spans from pink to black, is made by applying a transparent film of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which – as it is scientifically known – helps to eliminate 80 percent of nitrogen oxide (the gas responsible for pollution and the greenhouse effect), by simply coming into contact with UVA rays. Thus, wearing a pair of No. 22 shoes is a choice to be not only fashionable, but also responsible, making an important contribution to the planet, while protecting the feet at the same time.