The backpack moves in sync with the wearer’s movements, and allows air to flow freely to cool the body, thanks to the lightweight FreeFloat ventilated suspension system and the combination of an open back panel with dynamic and flexible hip panels, which offer high comfort. Designed to mimic the natural movement of the body, the flexible 3D padded belt adapts to the anatomy of the individual, providing reliable support for load-carrying. At the same time, the suspension system is stable and effectively distributes the weight on the hips. For optimal ventilation, the backpack’s perimeter frame also features a suspended mesh back panel, which is easy to adjust according to torso length, for greater comfort and a customised fit. The rotating, individually padded shoulder straps are perforated to further improve airflow. Gregory offers a men’s model (ZULU) and a women’s model (JADE) in two torso lengths each. But that’s not all: the use of post-consumer recycled materials and elaborate analyses related to the backpacks’ life cycles have enabled Gregory Mountain Products’ engineers and designers to reduce the carbon footprint by 1/4 (-25%).

Zulu 40