Achille ed Elettra Morlin
Achille ed Elettra Morlin

UNICO, produced by NAGLEV (acronym for Natural Glocal Evolution) – the result of the centuries-old experience of the Morlin family (today, Achille and his daughter Elettra), who have been producing sports footwear in Montebelluna for six generations – is the Italian brand’s first product that received the Outdoor Industry Award and Gold Industry Award at OutDoor Friedrichschafen 2018.


Constructed according to the philosophy of ‘Technology protects nature’, the design combines the resilience of a hiking shoe with the agility of a trail running shoe.

Assembled entirely by hand, UNICO is produced in limited quantities to guarantee elevated quality standards. Constructed from a single piece of material, the shoe features a seamless Kevlar exterior and wool sock lining, guaranteeing that the foot only comes into contact with natural materials. The coconut fibre and vegetable tanned, anti-odour, leather insole ensures optimal comfort and breathability.