What is the general mood in Germany?

The good news first: the negative mood has dissipated. Business is good right now. In 2022, ANWR dealers were able to achieve a plus of 10% compared to the previous year. Positive signals also regarding the current season: the goods for spring/summer are arriving on time. Retailers are using the time for inspiration and are therefore better informed when it comes to ordering later. We are currently registering growth in over-the-counter retail; online, on the other hand, we are seeing declines of between 20 and 30%. Regarding Switzerland: the Swiss retailers are very satisfied. The premium group has performed much better than the rest of the market. We are also benefiting in Switzerland from the closure of the Vögele shops. Sales development in Austria was also positive in 2022; except for December and January, as there was too little snow and thus less demand in the area of warm-lined functional goods.

Tobias Eichmeier – COO at ANWR Group EG

What are the ANWR retailers concerned about?

It is the incalculable cost increases for rents and personnel that are a concern for the trade. Inflation of around 10% will also have an impact on wage settlements. This means that as a result of the legally raised minimum wage, higher wage demands by employees can be expected overall. Inflation also has an impact on shop rents. Due to index-linked rents, rents increase in line with the rate of inflation. The topic of employees has many facets: the focus is on staff recruitment, staff quality and staff retention.

How does ANWR support its members to start the new season optimistically and strongly?

We support the trade with comprehensive business consulting. Our 360-degree consulting includes strategy consulting, profitability, digitalisation, purchasing consulting, limit planning, assortment and profiling, personnel and further development as well as location consulting. In addition, we have developed a product compass that provides initial tendencies and trends with concrete purchasing information. We also offer retailers access to the major sports brands, offer attractive own brands such as Longo or Natural Sense and our own order fairs. Direct, personal contact is important to us. The ANWR Focus Day will take place on 25 April. The focus here will be on the three key topics of digitalisation, human resources and sustainability.

How did 2022 go for ANWR?

Internationally, the ZR volume increased by 27.2% to 1.4 billion euros. In Germany, the growth in the footwear sector was 32.4%, in Austria 30.8% and in Switzerland 27%.