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The project stresses the matching between heritage elements and the modern features identifying the brand, while making its debut in the segment of urban sportswear. The Hype running sneaker has a design between sportswear and a fashion shoe, while it benefits from the know-how of the brand as far as the structure is concerned. The outsole is sturdy and in line with the current mood, but made with EVA and ultralight rubber, thus guaranteeing remarkable performance thanks to devices like the insole in memory foam, which supports the foot arch and ensures comfort while walking. At the same time, the waterproof Softshell membrane ensures breathability.
From its sales hub in Treviso, Lumberjack, which is already present in 40 different countries, looks to “strengthen its presence in Russia, the Middle East and Africa by increasing its export shares, which today account for around 20% of the total business, areas where we have a huge potential”, declares the new Lumberjack Country Director, Erkan Emre.