Newly launched this past 1 October 2020,  is a cutting-edge platform created by twenty-seven-year-old Lorenzo Gramegna, shoe designer and pattern maker for one of the most renowned companies in the Brenta footwear manufacturing district. The idea took shape in the midst of the Covid outbreak and in response to the closing of several small artisanal footwear realities, with the aim of protecting and reviving one of the most beloved traditions for which Italy is envied around the world. The concept is simple and striking at the same time: create ‘old-fashioned’ men’s shoes suitable for all foot types and all budgets, which are both high quality and extremely comfortable. The platform in fact proposes 8 iconic men’s models of great elegance, including the derby, the Oxford, the Beatle boot, and the monk strap, which are all crafted in Naples using what Lorenzo calls ‘high-impact artisanal’ techniques, models that can then be ‘customised’ in accordance with customer requests, starting from the colour, which is piece-dyed. The result is a shoe of great class and elegance, created for present-day professionals who feel like they are citizens of the world and are at ease in the digital age. The footwear has already been joined by a line of belts, and in the spring, new models that are less structured will also join the ranks of the heritage models. Among the most interesting proposals is the “ink” section, characterised by bona fide tattoos done by hand on white leather with an exclusive design. One of the values of the project is that of branching off from the concept of seasons and the frenzy of fast fashion, while putting craftsmanship and the hands of the artisans behind it at the service of every customer.