In his role, Liborio Sevilla will be supported by other entrepreneurs: Alfonso Ruiz di Arneplant, Alvaro Ochoa (Calzados Laro), Carlos Ortigosa (Calzado Evorì), Fran Saenz (Josè Saenz), and Francisco Gomez (Calzados Mendl). Although his nomination occurred at the end of 2019, it is especially opportune in this moment of transition and change connected to Covid-19. Liborio Sevilla, in fact, has multiple years of experience with a great understanding of the footwear industry thanks to his role at the head of Nuevo Milenio S.L., where he was key to the exponential growth of the Victoria and Wamba brands, which have enjoyed an undisputed leadership for over 100 years not only in the Spanish market but also in the international one, focusing on a winning mix of craft workmanship, innovation, sustainability, and design.