KEEN – a Portland-based brand founded in 2003 – has announced a collaboration with Hiking Patrol® – a digital space founded and directed by Wai Tsui – for the re-release of the iconic KEEN Jasper model, which celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2023 in its popular Jasper “Rocks” version, combining the comfort of outdoor shoes with the stylistic research of trainers. The shoe comes in two new colours, Cuban Beige and Phantasmal Red, inspired by the coat of two small frogs, which inhabit tropical forests and are at risk of extinction. Not surprisingly, part of the proceeds of the collaboration will be donated to EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) to protect these endangered species. The collaboration with Hiking Patrol is in keeping with KEEN’s vision, which has focused on the environment since its foundation, and inaugurates a further step towards a balance between nature and design.