Designed by Joe Nimble founder, Sebastian Bär, alongside acclaimed biomechanics expert, Lee Saxby, Ultreya shoes have a unique design that helps protect the feet of professional runners, who can typically cover around 40 miles per week. While conventional running shoes restrict the toes and prevent their natural anchoring and stabilising function, Ultreya utilizes Joe Nimble’s toefreedom® technology into the shoe-last design to increase stability of the foot in motion. With a wider, anatomically correct toe box that provides a natural stabilising function during the ground contact phase of running, muscles are protected from overuse. Adding extra comfort and performance-enhancing potential Ultreya running shoes feature a high energy return polyurethane midsole based on a special dual density DALTOPED® polyurethane system from Huntsman – named nmblFOAM® by Joe Nimble: this technology delivers a running shoe with physiologically balanced cushioning, which helps to push the heel in the propulsive running phase.