schermata-2019-03-08-alle-10-28-06Essential in completing his costume when playing the part of the X-Man Wolverine, as well as in his role as herdsman Drover in the more romantic “Australia”, or even when playing the part of legendary circus showman Phineas Taylor Barnum, in real life boots are also the preferred accessory of Hugh Jackman. So, it’s no surprise the Australian actor decided to lend his face to the newest ad campaign of RM Williams boots: “RM’s have been a part of my life across the entire journey – confessed the actor – from my early stage days to where I am today. It’s an honour to be a part of the RM Williams family and to wear the brand’s iconic craftsman boot for the Undeniable Character campaign.”

To this day, RM Williams, which was founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 1932, has the same determination, passion, and perseverance when it comes creating artisanal boots that are ideal for use both in the Australian outback as well as for life in the city.