gusella-beauty-and-the-beastCharacterized by a luxury lifestyle that is halfway between dream and craft workmanship in a pure Made in Italy style, it matches its elegant line of apparel with a footwear line that takes its cue from luxury and a classic look.
We rediscover the classic Gusellino in dark, white, and beige calfskin, which in this collection is enriched by bows, contrasting trim, and mirrored leather toes with printed logo.
The same metal toe is also found on the brand’s sneakers, giving this sporty model a touch of unique elegance. Another detail that characterizes the Gusella collection is its trademark shield, the symbolic logo of the brand that reinforces its image and highlights the artisanal spirit of the proposals.
There are then flats and slip-ons in leather with ankle straps, enriched by bright jewel appliqués, glitter flowers, and bows that perfectly match the outfits of the brand.