The 52nd edition of the FRANCAL ABLAC SHOW will be held from 22 to 24 August in the Yellow Pavilion of the Expo Center Norte of São Paulo, signalling the recommencement of one of the main fashion industry fairs for footwear and accessories in the country. The event proposes to bring brands into contact with multibrand retailers with a special focus reserved for end of year sales. This will be the first edition of the fair characterised by the new formula and with a new name. In fact, the organiser Francal Feiras, which is ever attentive to changes in the market and the new needs of consumers, wanted to focus on further extending contact along the entire production supply chain, by involving not only the industry, but also footwear retailers. The repositioning first began in 2020, before the outbreak of the pandemic, when the International Shoe and Accessories Fashion Fair, known as Francal at that time, struck up a partnership with ABLAC (the Brazilian Association of Artifact and Footwear Store Owners) to make the organisation of the event for retailers easier. Another strategic action was a mission undertaken by the members of Francal Feiras and ABLAC at NRF 2020, the world’s largest retail conference, held in New York, during which the organisers learned about the latest products and trends in the sector, which they then brought back to the 52nd edition of the Francal Ablac Show with the aim of creating an innovative environment oriented as much as possible towards B2B footwear business. A fundamental step taken by Francal Feiras was aimed at the connection with retail sales, through the partnership cemented with Mercado Livre – the leading marketplace in the country -, to increase the contact base with new buyers (the site counts at least 200 thousand retailers) and generate more opportunities for business.

At FRANCAL ABLAC SHOW, both the industry and retailers will have access to updated contents regarding changes in consumer habits and new fashion trends, while also exchanging different experiences and creating networking opportunities among the various players of the footwear manufacturing supply chain. Plus, for retailers, in addition to having access to different suppliers, this will be the opportunity for making their online sales even more professional through webinars dedicated to e-commerce, a sales channel that has become more important than ever before, since current forecasts speak of a growth of 30% in online footwear sales in the years to come.