Epoche XI is the brand founded by ENDICAN AYAKKABI URETIM IHRACAT SAN VE TIC in 2020 in Turkey, whose footwear collections are designed for boutiques all over the world, and especially in Italy. Why such an original name? “One of the meanings of the term ‘Epoche’ is ‘Era’: our brand thus wants to evoke innovation in a philosophical way” – says Cihan Endican – Ceo of the company. “We aim to create footwear that is best suited to the taste, fashion and culture of young European and especially Italian women”.

The brand’s target markets are, in fact, Italy first and foremost, but also other European countries such as Belgium, Greece, Spain and France.

“We always do our best to make the end consumer happy” and this is thanks to the study of the trends in vogue season after season, always with a focus on product quality and feminine taste.

Behind the brand we find a long tradition in shoe production and a close-knit, well-prepared team, able to exploit the latest knowledge, management and technology to create shoes that are beautiful, comfortable and chosen by women for all the occasions of their day.

Cihan Endican – Ceo