In 2021, the company celebrated 40 years in the footwear business, with loyal customers in 72 countries around the world, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Its secret? Offering comfort, style and quality for the whole family, fitting the feet of young and old in a variety of occasions and moments of the day. Founded in 1981 in Portugal, Planitoi is known to footwear professionals and the general public under the brand name BEPPI, synonymous with quality, comfort, elegance and relaxation, which has been joined over time by the BEPPI KIDS, SNAKERS, SPRINTERS and WAY brands. Its catalogue has more than 1,800 products, with a complete range of footwear and accessories for all ages, focused on comfort and design. The company has always worked with professionalism and commitment to offer its customers a trusted brand they can rely on to feel comfortable and at ease in any occasion – from work to leisure, from play to school – with the ideal relationship between quality and price and an excellent after-sales service. Moreover, its permanent Showroom allows customers to view and “touch” the new products in the collection, see the samples, make any changes or requests, for complete satisfaction at every stage of the purchase.

BEPPI is also online at WWW.BEPPI.COM