Ellesse is a historical brand created in 1959 by the charismatic personality of an Italian tailor, Leonardo Servadio, who broke the boundaries between fashion and sport. In the 70s Ellesse reached the peak of its popularity and its logo immediately became the brand’s distinctive sign.

A symbol that Nice Footwear aims to make popular again today with the sneaker collection HERITAGE.


Around 40 models with garish graphics and hyper logo-ed that celebrate the brand’s glorious past. Bright colours in contrast with the essential quality of black and white, the vulcanized soles become extralarge, while the materials maintain their quality intact. Running, basket and wedge sneakers are the cornerstones of a collection strongly inspired by the 80s, where colours and stylistic shapes contaminate streetwear.

There is also a hint to the origins of the brand linked to the world of skiing, with a model of sneakers characterized by paddings and saw-tooth soles in order to increase their grip.