It is a decidedly hi-tech bag that has been launched by Chronos Corps, an emerging brand with an alien identity, and Directa Plus, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of graphene-based products for the international consumer and industrial markets based in Lomazzo (Como, Italy).

Graphene, known for its lightness and durability, is the perfect foundation for a bag that combines unprecedented style and functionality.

With an essential design and asymmetrical lines as per Chronos Corps’ DNA, it is developed with Coating G+® technology, a special water-based coating enriched with Graphene Plus. This technology, patented by Directa Plus, provides antimicrobial protection (antibacterial and antiviral), UV resistance, abrasion resistance, antistatic properties and thermal conductivity.

For maximum security, the bag features a sophisticated fingerprint opening system that allows users to open it with a simple touch.

Using a built-in biometric sensor, the bag uniquely recognizes the user’s fingerprint, ensuring safe and quick access to the contents inside.