The brand, founded in Barcelona in 1984 and known for the singularity and unique character of its creations, proposes a series of designs on its website that are only available to be transformed into real products if they attract the interest of its community. Generated with artificial intelligence tools, these evocative images are the only ones available for each of the potential items and include eight bags, a kimono and a skirt. Accessories include three shopper bags, two shoulder bags, one tote bag, one shoulder bag and one baguette style. Each has its own particularities: there are models with multi-coloured fabric mosaics, with a die-cut effect, with embroidery and fabric or leather effect finishes. As far as the kimono is concerned, it has an oversize style and combines different washes of denim fabric. The long flared skirt has a high waist, five pockets and denim patches in different shades with embroidery.