The Cofra research laboratories have created Poly-Green, a regenerated material used for the sole insert in the heel area and for the ECO-TECH insole. Made from a virgin polyurethane and recycled polyurethane compound, it is the perfect balance between shock-absorption and lift; giving new life to a material that is usually discarded, while avoiding the use of materials that have extremely slow times of biodegradation. cofrareused-34-19

The GREEN-FIT line has a TPU polyurethane sole with Poly-Green insert, for maximum comfort made possible by the elevated mechano-physical properties of the insert present in the heel, which has been designed ad hoc to guarantee a high level of shock-absorption and significant lift.

The Poly-green ECO-TECH insole is anatomical, antistatic, pierced, scented, soft, and comfortable. Additionally, the upper layer in antibacterial fabric absorbs sweat, while allowing the foot to breathe.

With GREEN-FIT on your feet, shocks and back fatigue are a thing of the past!

The sustainability of GREEN-FIT is also renewed in its details: laces, tags of the tongue, and flag labels are all made with thread that is 100% recycled from plastic bottles. The packaging itself is also made from recycled paper and carton.

The line features models in leather, nubuck, and innovative fabrics. The upper of the reused and reconverted models is made from eco-sustainable jacquard using 100% PET thread that satisfies the requirements of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), while state-of-the-art Hot Melt bonding represents the most innovative solution in bonding in terms of efficiency and respect for the environment. Finally, an absence of solvents makes the process eco-friendly.