In the Venetian brand Falca Srl, a historic company that has been proudly proclaiming its love for Made in Italy since 1975, there exists a tradition that is transformed into the perfect combination of artisanal manufacturing and sustainability, thanks to eco-friendly methods of production and a healthy working environment for its collaborators.

The Clewoo project is based on a productive supply chain that is a true friend to nature. For the soles, it uses wood taken from forests that it replants every year (10 thousand trees on 2 thousand hectares of land) and 35% recycled rubber that keeps the features of resistance and flexibility intact. For the laces, it uses cotton yarn from a 100% controlled supply chain, and for the uppers, there is wool felt and a selection of chrome-free leathers, which are vegetable-tanned and subjected to treatments of low environmental impact that avoid wasting water.