clara-2The French brand was founded in 2017 by the mother of Clara and Jo, grandchildren of the famous American star transplanted in Paris and has already attracted a lot of interest in the footwear industry, both for the story behind this brand, and for the quality of the models made in Portugal, Italy and Spain.

By creating the ‘Clara & Jo Baker’ brand, my job makes sense: to keep the message of peace and humanity promoted by Josephine Baker and to follow up on her words by helping those in need, especially children.

In fact, a part of the French brand’s profits goes to the Indian association AAsrAA which helps children from underprivileged backgrounds (

We are five people working in an office in central Paris where we design and develop our collections. Our goal is to develop and sell shoe collections that make people happy all over the world. We do this with the sincerest honesty and a passion for shoes and people.