In Italy, many people search online for their children’s footwear. Whether it’s a search for online purchases or to have an idea of the available models and prices, according to the analysis done by SEMrush, in the period of reference from November 2018 to October 2019, 16,934 searches were done on average every month. The period in which the peak number of searches was registered spans from August to November (average searches: Aug. 2019: 21,230; Sept. 2019: 32,870; Oct. 2019: 24,110; Nov. 2018: 17,270), probably in conjunction with summer sales, the change in seasons, and the period for Christmas presents. Most of the searches done regard gym shoes or footwear for a specific sport. In first place, we find the “kid’s soccer shoe” with an average of 3,350 searches every month, accounting for 20% of the total. Other searches related to specific sports which are typed with a certain frequency are “kid’s five-a-side soccer shoes” (at sixth place with 775 average searches per month), “kid’s basketball shoes” (at eighth place with 529 average searches per month), “kid’s dance shoes” (at thirteenth place with 367 average searches per month) and “kid’s tennis shoes” (at twenty-first place with 201 average searches per month). Instead, general searches for “girl’s shoes” and “boy’s shoes” are respectively at third place (932 average searches per month) and fifth place (786 average searches per month). As far as websites that generate the most traffic, SEMrush took a look at the searches done in November 2019, a month that was especially interesting for analysing shopping habits because of the significant discounts proposed not only for Black Friday but also in the preceding weeks.  The classification saw take first place with an astounding lead of 56,472 searches, leaving far behind second place winner,, another brand specialised in children’s shoes, which registers “only” 15,529 searches. Third place on the podium is instead taken by shopping giant, visited 10,862 times in the month in question. In terms of general web traffic for these key search terms, during the month of November 2019, 115,917 online searches were made.